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Stapler Heavy Duty for Office Desktop by Royal Imports - High Capacity Industrial Chrome Plier, 40 Sheet

Price: $20.99
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: This Royal Imports® stapler features an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip for use.
  • CAN STAPLE A LARGE QUANTITY OF PAPER: This stapler can staple up to 40 sheets of paper
  • STRONG SPRING LOADING MECHANISM: This stapler is built with a spring loader specifically made to bounce right back everytime like it is brand new.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Royal Imports® guarantees that you will enjoy our long lasting products. ****We highly recommend to use only quality staples for a quality experience, such as: Rapid Standard Staples 20/216 (73782) ASIN#B003EIRQSY****
  • CHROME PLATED: This stapler is chrome plated so it can resist wear and tear that office supplies tend to go through

Editorial Reviews

Royal Imports® understands how important it is to have a great plier stapler. So they made one that is perfect for the office and home. This plier stapler is composed of strong metal. It features a spring loader and an ergonomic handle grip. Built tough this plier stapler can meet all the toughest tasks you have. This machine is great for the office, school, home and more. Unlike the other staplers on the market, ours does not break or get clogged with bent staples. The staples are easy to load into this machine and the spring mechanism always bounces back as new as it was before. We know how frustrating it is when your stapler stops working when you need it the most so we went the extra mile to create a stapler that never lets you down!

"For Best Results Use ith -RAPID Brands Staples"

Royal Imports® Staple Features:

• Can Staple up to 40 Sheets

• Chrome Plated

• Ergonomic handle and grip with 2.4 inch throat depth

• Spring loading Mechanism

Royal Imports® makes the best office supplies materials on the market. You can rest assured that when you buy our brands, they will last through all the test of times. Our products are also of superior quality as well so you get all you need and more.

****We highly recommend to use only quality staples for a quality experience, such as: Rapid Standard Staples 20/216 (73782) ASIN#B003EIRQSY****

Instructions: You push in the spring loader to unleash the hook, then pull it all out. Next load a strip of staples and then replace the spring loader, push all the way in until the loader is hooked up correctly.

Senco L15BAB 18 Gauge by 1/4-inch Crown by 1-1/4-inch Length Electro Galvanized Staples (5,000 per box)

Price: $12.08
  • Engineered to fit other manufacturers tools
  • Less broken collation
  • More completed drives
  • Highest withdrawal values
  • Fewer jams

Editorial Reviews

Applications: Assembling drawers, Underlayment Sheathing, Molding, Trim, Pre-finished Gypsum, Vinyl and Aluminum Siding, General Woodworking. Fits: Senco: SLS25XP, SLS15, SLS18, SLS20-L, SKS-L, LN4450; Hitachi: N3804AB, N3804A; Makita: AT63A; Duofast: KN1848A, KN1848; Porter Cable: NS150A, NS150,NS100; Others Accuset A100LS, A150LS, A2N1125, Atro Minor 90/32, 90/40, BEA 90/38-150, Craftsman 18300, 18306, 18367, Fasco F25 A-90/40, Hilti SN114B, Spotnails HL3852.

Senco SKSXP-L 1/4-Inch Crown Stapler, 7/8-to-1-1/2-Inch Leg

Price: $279.99
  • Long 1-Inch lip to get into tight spots
  • Quiet operation
  • E-Z Load/ E-Z clear system
  • NeverLube design requires no lubrication
  • Only 2 moving O-rings

Editorial Reviews

SKSXP, L12-L17 Stapler, Contact Actuation, Fasteners Used 7/8" Through 1-1/2", 5 Year Warranty.

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Yahoo answers: Can I install vinyl siding on top of old board siding?

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Yes, you can install vinyl siding over old siding, unless there's mold or other factors. Be sure the old stuff is securely fastened to the studs or underlayment, and pop chalk lines so you know...

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