Sliding Glass Door Bamboo Shades

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Soqool Decorative Window Film for Office Glass No Glue Vinyl Window Film Static Cling Window Film 17.7' by 78.7", Sliding Glass Door Window Coverings

Price: $13.98
  • [ Limited-Time Promotion ]: Save 5% money when you add other products Both to Cart. 100% Purchase Guarantee: We promise you that our service and product. You will get what you pay off, any problem, just email us and we will give you a satisfactory solution!
  • [ Heat Insulation and UV Resistance ]: Work well in summer and winter. Control Heat and Block Out 96% of UV Rays.
  • [ Decorative window film ]: Creat a new look for your room/window/sliding door. Pervious to light performance is good. Provides Privacy and allow the Lights in. Can be used in many different place, rental apartment, bathroom, kitchen, lobby, porch, office etc.
  • [ Self Static Cling Window Film ]: Simple installation, glue free design, reuse or remove without trace. It is very easy to apply, just some water(CLEAN), a pair of scissors(CUT), a reler(MEASURE) and a credit card(BLOW BUBBLE). No need to waste money on the application solution (Instructions are included and have pictures)
  • [ Window film for Privacy Protection ]: Creat a different look when different light past through. Pervious to light performance is good. Provides Privacy and allow the Lights in. Privacy Level : ★★★★☆( Protect privacy but not Recommended For Bathroom Application)

Editorial Reviews

Are you tired of your neighbors snooping on what you are doing in you house?
Blinds can help, but they leave you in the dark! Window film is the perfect solution - Not only does it look great from inside and outside, it also lets in the daylight.

Choice SOQOOL window film, you will enjoy the privacy and sunlight!

Don't know how to use it? Don't worry, it is just a piece of cake.

Step 1. Keep Window or Glass clean
Step 2. Wet the Window or Glass with water( Soapy water will be better )
Step 3. Remove the Static Film from backing protect sheet, and then the smooth side should be post to the window. ( Please MAKE SURE you have removed it before you apply the window film to glass)
Step 4. When you install it, Apply to wet glass and smooth with hands.
Step 5. Squeegee away water and air bubbles.
Step 6. Much easier than Wall Decals, it's no problem for you.
Step 7. Enjoy your works!

Removal and Storage for Re-use
To remove, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly leaving no residue. When not in use, window film must be replaced and stored on the original backing paper. The side of the film that touched the glass should face the glossy side of the backing paper.

Littlegrass Window Film privacy Cling PVC Frosted self adhesive Suitable For Bathroom Livingroom Bedroom Office Meeting Room 17.7x 78.7inch

Price: $9.99
  • Use: glass surfaces (such as windows, sliding doors, shopwindow) Usage: Decorative, heat insulation, protection of privacy, etc.
  • Pattern Snowflake Bamboo Square Pure Frosted, Purple Flower, Vine
  • Material: PVC waterproof material with adhesive Use for: Decoration, privacy, etc, on all home and office windows,shower doors, glass walls, etc...This decorative window film providing style and privacy simultaneously . It protects your room from strong sunlight . It has glue on back ,easy to apply and remove
  • Thickness: 0.1mm Width: 45cm Length: 203cm Oil Resistant: Yes Water resistant: Yes
  • Adhesive: Comes with adhesive on the back

Editorial Reviews

Step 1.Clean your window.
Step 2.Measure the size of your window both width and length.
Step 3.Cut film into proper size,about 1 inch longer than the window.
Step 4.Wet the window totally.
Step 5.Peel off the backing clear protective film gently.(Please make sure the backing film is removed, or the film will fall down from window)
Step 6.Position the film against the window and use your finger to press across the entire top of the film to allow it grip the sightly.
Step 7.Smooth out the film with with squeegee,make sure no air and bubbles inside. (The squeegee you can use like ID card,bank card ect.)
Step 8.Dry off your window film with rag,cut the excessive bit slowly.

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