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WB44X5082 Baking Element Replacement for GE Hotpoint RCA Sears Oven Heating Element (WB44X5082)

Price: $26.99
  • This is not an OEM part,TP44X5082 replace for WB44X5082
  • Fits with various GE brand models,Sears and Kenmore
  • Replacement for AP2031084, 3358, 8030, AH249466, EA249466, PS249466, RP44X5082, TS44X5082, WB44X0192, WB44X10003, WB44X192, WB44X5061, WB44X5072, WB44X5082R, WB44X5085, WR44X5082R
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem
  • This is a GE replacement part

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This is not an OEM part

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem

How to Replace an Electric Oven Bake Element
1. Shut off electrical power
2. Remove the bottom panel
Lift the back of the panel slightly and push back to release the bottom oven panel from the retaining lip. Push down on a front corner of the bottom panel so it tips enough that you can grasp it. Work the bottom oven panel up and out of the oven.
3. Detach the bake element
Remove the mounting front and back screws of the bake element.
4. Disconnect the wires
Carefully pull the bake element forward until you can reach the wires attached to the back of it. Use needle-nose pliers to disconnect the wires, taking care not to let the wires slip through the holes at the back of the oven. If the wires slip through the holes, you must pull the oven out of the cabinet to retrieve them.
5. Connect the new element
Connect the wires to the back of the new bake element. Push the female spade connectors onto the spades on the new bake element. Push the female spade connectors until they are seated properly and fully connected.Carefully push the leads of the bake element into the holes at the back of the oven.
6. Fasten the element to the oven
7. Reinstall the bottom panel
8. Reinstall the racks
9. Restore power to the oven

WB44K10005 Range Heating Element for Kenmore Sears Stove Oven WB44K10001 Replacement

Price: $24.10
  • Single Unit
  • As pictured
  • GE WB44K10001 Range Oven Stove Bake Unit Lower Heating Element

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Replacement bake element for General Electric Part Number CH44K10005.
Dimensions:17-1/4" Width, from Side to Side at the widest spot
15 1/2" Length, from mounting bracket to back
2-3/8" From end of terminal to the mounting bracket (measuring up at an angle)
2 5/8" between each terminal,
Terminals are male spade type
Calrod is bent up at then end towards 2 mounting holes
2585 Watts 240 VoltsReplacement for numbers WB44K10005, WB44K10001, AP2030964 and PS249238.
It is designed to fit specific General Electric manufactured range models including Hotpoint and RCA.

Replacement Kenmore/Sears 6284558252 Bake Element - Compatible Kenmore/Sears 5303051519 Oven Heating Element

Price: $20.99
  • Replace your heating element if you experience: little or no heat, slow to heat up, uneven heat, inaccurate temperature.
  • Replaces Kenmore / Sears 5303051519 Oven Heating Element
  • Heats up quickly so you can get back to cooking/baking. Note: Please check your range to make sure you are purchasing the correct parts. On Sale for a Limited Time!
  • Replacement Kenmore / Sears 6284558252 Oven Bake Element
  • Quick and easy installation. Restore your old range and make it perform like brand new with this replacement heating element.

Editorial Reviews

Please note: This is an UpStart Components brand replacement part, not an OEM product. This product is not affiliated with any OEM brands and is not covered under any warranties offered by the original manufacturers. Any warranties for this product are offered solely by Upstart Components. All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility. All brand names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Yahoo answers: What company will replace an oven's heating element?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    My husband pulled the element out of the oven and replaced it. Places like Lowe's, Sears, Ace Hardware and Wal Mart have the elements. Ace is the place because they have cheaper ones.

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