rough opening for bifold doors

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Dynasty Hardware AP88 Access Door 8" x 8" Styrene Plastic White

Price: $15.95
  • Material: High Impact Styrene Plastic
  • Hinged Door Is Removable For Better Access
  • Rough Opening Should Be 8-1/4" x 8-1/4"
  • Attach To Wall Surface Using Caulking Adhesive To Back Of Door
  • Plastic Access Door: 8 inch x 8 inch

Editorial Reviews

Dynasty Hardware 8" x 8" Plastic Access Door

The Dynasty Hardware AP88 8 inch x 8 inch Plastic Access Door is designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings. The high impact styrene plastic with U.V. stabilizers will not fade or corrode. The door is completely removable from the frame and fits tightly with snap latches. The white finish with textured exposed surfaces can be left as is or painted to match the surrounding areas. This door is easy to install by applying caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and pressing into place. Feature. Dimensions - 8 L X 8 H in.. Material - High impact styrene plastic.

Access Panels are great for allowing access to service areas for plumbing, electrical, security systems, telephone, computer cables, sprinkler systems and more.

Clear-Ad - LHW-M141 - Acrylic Wall Mount Brochure Holder 4x9 - Perfect for Flyers, Bills, Mail, Business Paperwork, Letters, Cards, Pamphlets (Pack of 6)

Price: $24.95
  • COMPACT WALL HUNG FLYER HOLDER: The brochure holder is a very sleek and compact unit that can be easily hung up on a wall. The 4x9" size is perfect for holding flyers, trifold pamphlets, incoming and current bills, mail, letter, cards, booklets and other paperwork up to the size of 3.75" width.
  • BEST RACK HOLDER FOR AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS AND BUSINESSES: Clear-Ad manufactures its entire line of office accessories within the USA. It is committed to creating job opportunities for its many fellow Americans. Join us in our vision to promote industry in the US and buy our products.
  • CLEAR AS GLASS PAMPHLET HOLDER: Premium acrylic sheets are used to create this completely transparent and flawless Lucite display stand for your promotional literature. It is made with unbreakable thick and long-lasting acrylic sheets that can handle rough everyday use without any visible damage at all.
  • CONVENIENT PLEXIGLASS BROCHURE HOLDER: Clear-Ad is known for its quality office accessories. Here it brings you another useful product from their clear acrylic range. LHW-M141 is a convenient wall mounted brochure holder and leaflet organizer that will be a great addition to any office's organization capabilities.
  • LARGER POCKET: The LHW-M141 has a much deeper bigger pocket than other of Clear-Ad pamphlet holders. It has a 1.675" pocket that can hold a lot of promotional literature at a time. The rounded edges and corners make it injury safe and add to its overall look.

Editorial Reviews

Great Product for Any Business

The LHW-M141 is perfect for holding a substantial quantity of promotional literature. The larger pocket can hold more than 100 single sheet flyers at a time. Perfect for conferences, exhibitions, information booths where lots of promotional literature is distributed. Wherever there is a need to distribute promotional literature, the LHW-M141 will fit in well. So whether it is a church, a school, library, doctor's waiting room, cafeteria or any other such place, use the clear plastic brochure holder to provide information to the prospective clients to create business.

Clear-Ad produces a range of high quality acrylic display stands, photo and sign holders and other office accessories, the LHW-M141 is one of its range of convenient and useful brochure stand for trifold flyers.

Ideal Size for Trifold Booklets

Clear-Ad uses only premium grade and non-toxic clear acrylic sheets as raw material. So each and every one of our Acrylic range of office accessories is completely safe for use even around children and patients. Clear-Ad believes in the policy of only creating superior product with excellent build quality. Moreover, all of Clear-Ad's products are made and manufactured in USA providing much needed jobs to American citizens. What you get is a great American product when you buy LHW-M141. Get the information about your enterprise to the right customer.

The LHW-M141 is a wall hung brochure holder and comes with hardware to install it.

Buy this brochure stand now.

Clear-Ad - LHF-S82 - Acrylic 2 Tier Brochure Holder Organizer 8.5x11 - Table Top or Wall Mount - Plastic Stand for Posters, Leaflets, Magazines, Envelopes, Flyers, Pamphlets, Booklets (Pack of 8)

Price: $64.95
  • USEFUL OFFICE ACCESSORIES: Clear-Ad is known for its range of excellent office accessories that not only look good but are extremely useful. The Clear-Ad's acrylic range of office accessories and stands are a practical solution to office organization.
  • CLEAR ACRYLIC BROCHURE STAND: LHF-S82 is a brochure stand that is large enough to store letter size brochures, leaflets or booklets. The two tier pamphlet stand is designed so it can hold and display two different brochures at a time. The tiers are staggered to provide greater visibility.
  • CLEAR AS CRYSTAL: The booklet rack is made with clear Perspex sheets. The clarity of the sheet is equivalent to that of glass. Perspex is a hard and thick plastic that is shatter proof. The colorless sheets are heat bonded and molded to construct each rack.
  • STRONG AND LONG LASTING: Clear-Ad products are made to last. The LHF-S82 is no exception, it is an extremely strong and heavy-duty brochure stand. This listing is for a pack of two double tiered booklet stands. Place your order now for quick shipping.
  • TABLE TOP AND WALL MOUNT: The LHF-S82 is designed for convenience. It is compact enough to be placed on a table top. The broad flat base ensures that the stand remains steady. It can also be mounted on the wall with minimum fuss. It has two holes to secure it to any kind of wall.

Editorial Reviews

Made in America

LHF-S82 is a product of Clear-Ad manufacturer and producer of quality office accessories based in the USA. Clear-Ad produces all its products in the US with American raw material and using American labor. It upholds the great manufacturing traditions and promises best quality of its products. Each and every one of Clear-Ad products are manufactured to strict American quality standards. Before we dispatch your order, we ensure that each item we send you is of highest quality, performs as intended and adheres to American manufacturing standards.

Quality Manufacturing

Great care is taken during the process of manufacturing to ensure that only the best reaches your hands. Top quality clear and transparent acrylic sheets are precision cut to create each of Clear-Ad acrylic office accessories. The sheets are heat molded and bonded to create a product that is extremely strong and attractive. Each stand is created to withstand rough usage. Flame finished edges ensure a beautiful rounded edge that is the highlight of the product.

Large A4 Size Pamphlet Holder

The LHF-S82 has two pockets that are placed as staggered tiers to afford greater visibility to the stored pamphlets. Each pocket can hold several dozen letter size leaflets. The overall dimensions of LHF-S82 are 8 3/8 x 5 1/6 x 12". The stand can either be placed on a counter top or it can be mounted on a wall. The listing is for a set of 8 brochure stands. Place your order now.

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