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MidWest iCrate 36" Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate w/ Divider Panel, Floor Protecting "Roller" Feet & Leak-Proof Plastic Tray; 36L x 23W x 25H Inches, Intermediate Dog Breed

Price: $45.99
  • Versatile 2-door dog crate includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber "roller" feet to protect your floors & a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Durable metal dog crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you're away & provides for your dog's instinctual "den" instincts. Patented rounded corner clips greatly reduce possible sharp-points on the wire dog crate for a safer experience for you & your dog
  • Double door folding metal dog crate, iCrate measures 36L x 23W x 25H inches & is suitable for intermediate dog breeds
  • Folding metal dog crate assembles easily w/out tools & folds flat for convenient storage, travel & portability inside & outside your home
  • Two heavy duty slide-bolt latches (per door) securely lock dog crate door in place keeping your dog safely inside their pet home

Editorial Reviews

The "all inclusive" Double Door iCrate, folding metal dog crate by MidWest Homes for Pets includes all of the features you will need to provide a convenient, safe and secure pet home for your best friend. This metal dog crate includes a free divider panel allowing you to adjust the size of the dog crate while your dog is still growing, a plastic leak-proof pan for easy clean-up in the event of an accident, a strong plastic carrying handle for easy portability and rubber "roller" feet on the bottom of the crate to protect your floors inside the home. MidWest iCrates also feature our patented side clips which reinforce the dog crate & reduce possible sharp points ensuring a safe experience for you and your pet. The iCrate Double Door metal dog crate configuration (with front & side door access) allows you to situate the dog crate to best fit your floor plan and folds down for convenient storage. The 36" metal iCrate (model 1536DDU) measures 36L x 23W x 25H inches & is suitable for "Intermediate" dog breeds. We at MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your dog is a part of your family and that's why we ensure our dog crates are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe home for your pet that you can feel confident with. MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of our products with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. If you have any questions about our dog crates our customer service department would be glad to help you. MidWest customer service can be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, available 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday.

Midwest iCrate Double Door Folding Dog Crate, 22" L X 13" W X 16" H, X-Small, Black

Price: $59.99
  • Folding Crate with carry handle makes for easy movement, setup or storage with no tools required
  • Two Door Design provides flexibility in placement in the home
  • Composite pan makes cleaning up accidents easy
  • Divider panel lets you adjust the living area as your pet grows
  • ABS plastic handles allow for easy carrying

Editorial Reviews

Midwest iCrate Double Door Folding Dog CratesDesigned completely around the safety, security and comfort of your dog. The iCrate Double door dog crate sets up easily with the fold and carry configuration that requires no use of tools and can be completed by almost anyone. The dog crate comes to you equipped with every feature you can think of. Two doors for easy access to your pet inside either thru the traditional front door or from the side with the second door. The double door also affords you more opportunities to fit larger crates easily in your existing rooms or vehicles. Crate includes a composite plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident, ideal for training puppies. Crate has a convenient plastic carrying handle to move the dog crate from one location to another comfortably. Safe and secure slide bolt latches for the safety and security of the pet inside and the furniture on the outside. Crate comes complete with a free divider panel for use while your puppy is still growing up. The divider panel is known to cut housebreaking time in half by keeping puppy from eliminating in one end and sleeping in the other. It also allows you to adjust the length of the living area as your puppy grows into its adult size home..

48-Inch Double Door iCrate with Fleece Bed and Cover

Price: $121.15
  • Ideal for pets 91 to 110 pounds
  • Cover is made from durable easy care machine washable and dryer safe 100% Polyester
  • Crate 48L x 30W x 33H Inches
  • Bed is Completely Machine Washable, Ultra-Soft Synthetic Plush
  • Double Door. Fold and Carry Configuration for portability
  • Easy to clean composite plastic pan; Safe and secure slide-bolt; Divider Panel Included

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