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Titebond 62401 Metal Roof Sealant Cartridge, 10.1 oz., Gray

Price: $16.98
  • VOC-compliant
  • Excellent adhesion to most common building materials
  • Adheres to Kynar coated metals
  • Applies easily in extreme weather conditions
  • UV-resistant

Editorial Reviews

Titebond WeatherMaster Metal Roof Sealant is specifically formulated to outperform all other sealant technologies, including VOC solvent, silicones, tripolymers and urethanes. This superior polymer formula provides a weather-tight seal against water, wind, dust and dirt. It offers exceptional adhesion to Kynar coated metal materials, along with standard metal, aluminum, steel, galvanized bonderized surfaces, plastics and glass. The product is ideal for use on a wide variety of roofing applications, metal roof, trim, architectural metal siding, aluminum, galvanized steel, galvanized gutters, flashing and downspouts. It also provides unbeatable adhesion to wood, masonry, PVC and most common building materials.

#10 Stainless Steel Self Sealing Metal Roofing & Siding, Metal to Wood Screw with EPDM Rubber Seal, a bag of 100 screws (1-1/4")

Price: $10.99
  • Patented, Deep tool Fitting, Anti-loosing/breaking/leaking Screws, one-hand installation
  • "EPDM Rubber Seal" on the Dominators., "Neoprene Rubber Seal" on any Shark Bites

Editorial Reviews

Weather-Tech Fasteners Global Solutions, INC. is proudly revolutionizing the industry by simply offering better and greener fasteners. We offer high performance, optimal designs, and improved user satisfaction. Our patented locking teeth protect the seal and reduce honing during installation. It resists loosening when set while strengthening and supporting the head from breakage. Moreover, our innovative locking teeth provide a maintenance free finished product. At Weather-Tech Fasteners Global Solutions, INC., we offer a line of high quality self-drilling steel and stainless steel solid one piece fasteners with a deep tool fitting which enables one hand installation. This will speed up any project while it avoids finger burns and cuts. Weather-Tech Fasteners solve five-decade old industrial fastener market issues including but not limited to: loosening, leaking, breaking, timely installation, pre-drilling requirements, instability during installation, repairing, unable to install at angles, prone to cause injury, poor tool fittings, and more... Weather Tech's high performance fasteners are ideal for many projects such as roofing, decking, buildings, etc. Our products are universally used in variety of metal to metal, metal to wood, wood to metal and wood to wood connections. Installation Instruction: WT Fasteners will self penetrate most roofing and siding panels and even multiple layers and flashing without any pre-drilling. Holding the compact impact driver in your correct hand, use your other hand to hold the screw on the driver bit. Place the tip of the screw into the proper position (where you want it installed), now let go of the screw and place your free hand on the back of the drill. Apply vertical pressure directly over the top of the fastener to ensure stability. Pull the trigger lightly and start drilling slowly to make sure your drilling in the correct spot and then increase speed.

Dap 18188 Gray Gutter and Flashing Sealant 10.1-Ounce

Price: $7.20
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
  • Meets Fed. Spec. TT-C-1796A, Type I
  • Long lasting, watertight sealant for gutters, lap joints, flashings, roof vents and corrugated roofing
  • 10.1 oz
  • USDA authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants

Editorial Reviews

Dap gray caulk is compatible with aluminum, concrete, plastic, rubber, steel, vinyl and wood materials with a 7 day cure time. This caulk is waterproof and for use indoor / outdoor. Minimum to maximum operating temperatures are -40 F to +180 F.

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Yahoo answers: What is the purpose of metal flashing between a wood deck & house? What's wrong with wood to wood?

  • Decorating & Remodeling

    Wood to wood means the house siding and framing would be soaking up the rain and snow The flashing prevents this.

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