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Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors Up To 38 x 82-Inch

List price: $28.95
Price: $22.95
  • INSTALLS IN AN INSTANT - Assembly kit included - All metal black thumbtacks and weather resistant hook and loop backing makes for quick and easy installation and removal. Comes with our FREE VIDEO INSTALLATION TUTORIAL.
  • DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY MESH - Upgraded mesh curtain with a higher thread count than other cheap screens and full reinforced edges survive the test of time. Comes with premium metal black thumbtacks and hook and loop adhesive strips for extra security. Hardware is black and invisible when installed.
  • OPENS AND CLOSES LIKE MAGIC! The middle seam of the screen door netting is strategically lined with powerful magnetic cubes and magnet strips that allow the door to open easily and close seamlessly! Includes 26 magnets for the best seal and closure. The folding screen door is also retractable, frameless, and detachable and can be rolled up for temporary storage during the off months and is easily removable.
  • MULTI FUNCTION DESIGN. Keeps bugs out, lets fresh air in. HANDS-FREE- Allows for easy walkthrough while your hands are full. PET FRIENDLY - Dogs and cats can go inside and outside of the house with ease. Screen net helps keep insects, mosquitos, and flies OUT!
  • FITS ALL DOOR SIZES UP TO 38"x82" - If your door frame measures 38" or less in width and 82" or less in height, then this adjustable hanging screen door will be the perfect fit! Can be used as a replacement for a fixed screen door and fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio, deck, porch, balcony, glass, garage, and even sliding doors. IMPORTANT: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our screen will fit.

Editorial Reviews

The Flux Phenom magnetic screen door is a must have for any household! The instant screen door installs in just a few minutes in any doorway of your home and keeps bugs out, let's fresh air in, and allows your dog or cat to freely go in and out of the house. All hardware included (for metal or wood door frames), as well as instructions, and a free video installation tutorial.

No more dealing with claw marks from your pet on your expensive screen door. The Flux Phenom magnetic screen door opens easily with just a nudge of a head or hand (for you humans). The middle seam of the screen door is lined with powerful magnets that allow it to close like magic! Fits all door sizes up to 38" x 82". Is not intended to reach the ground upon installation.

We value your business and offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with your magnetic screen door for any reason we will send you a new one at no extra charge.

Magnetic Screen Door, Wide Mega French Door Mesh 72 X 80 Fit Doors Size Up to 70"W X 79"H Max with Full Frame Velcro Large Magnet Double Door Curtain Keep Fly Mosquito Out

Price: $34.99
  • INSTALLS IN MINUTES! UPGRADE NEWEST STYLE HANGING SCREEN DOOR MAGNETS--With reinforced sticky Velcro strips and quality rust-proof tacks, It can be easily installed and is heavy duty and sturdy. Cleanse door frame surface before installing velcro to ensure secure long lasting fit
  • LINED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS FOR SCREEN DOORS--14 Strong Magnets and 12 Magnetic strips sewn in the reinforced edges, ensuring a quick, automatic close every time. Magnetic screen door mesh curtain never Breaks & No Gaps
  • TOUGHEST MAGNETIC SCREEN MESH- magnet screen 72 x 80 inch fits doors up to MAX 70 x 79 inch. 60g magic mesh instead of 45g, features precision sewing and high density door mesh technology, making it extremely durable for high-traffic doorways
  • BLACK MAGNETIC SCREEN CURTAIN FEATURING HEAVY DUTY NYLON VELCRO--Full Frame Velcro. The NYLON VELCRO included is more durable than most competitor screens. The ENTIRE FRAME is lined with Super-Duty, reinforced velcro along every inch, and the velcro can be reused tens of thousands of times
  • MAGIC MOSQUITO DOOR BUG SCREEN-Facilitates air circulation while keeping door fly, bugs and mosquitoes out. Magnetic closure makes it easy for toddlers & pets to walk through while effectively blocking out any pests. Hands free operation makes it convenient when carrying groceries etc

Editorial Reviews

- 60g screen instead of 45g, precision sewing technology, high density and smooth.
- MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR 72 X 80 WITH 70% NYLON VELCRO--Reinforced velcro along every inch, the times of velcro can can be reached tens of thousands of times.

- Children and pets can move freely in and out, no need to open the door for them.
- The bugs stay outside of the house. The strong, sewed in magnets in the middle close the magic screen firmly and without any gaps.

- MAGIC MESH DIMENSIONS are 72" x 80" Fits Doors UP TO MAX 70"x79" .
- MAGNETIC CURTAIN SEWN in the reinforced edges, ensuring a quick, automatic close every time. They never slip, misalign, or fall off.
- STACKED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS--1.77 inch for magnetic screen middle part.

- It is not only function correctly, but also to look nice and stylish.
- A complete seal top to bottom, through the use of 26 high-energy magnets that will never fail.
- Instant Bug Magic Mesh has a full length Velcro strip sewn into the mesh across the top and down each side.

Magic Mesh Installation
- No tools required
- Strong Velcro
- Optional push pins provided

Magnetic Screen Door New 2017 Patent Pending Design Full Frame Velcro & Fiberglass Mesh Not Polyester This Instant Retractable Bug Screen Opens and Closes like Magic it's the Last Screen You'll Need

Price: $69.99
  • PLEASE READ: lux magnetic screen door needs to have a 1" overlap around the door opening to attach the Velcro. Fits door openings up to 34"x82" MAX
  • Our patent pending lux magnetic screen door: is the strongest mesh on the market with fiberglass mesh material its up to 10 times stronger than traditional polyester screens. Fits doors up to 34"x82" max: measure 1st!
  • FULL FRAME FIXING: The FULL FRAME is lined with Super-Duty, Reinforced Velcro along EVERY inch ensuring this screen will never fail (this is covered by our no fall guarantee) If our screen falls down on you we will refund you!
  • FILLED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS, SEWN in the reinforced edges & attached to the strongest screen door material in the market (fiber glass). It will Never Breaks & Never have Gaps unlike cheaper polyester screens.
  • MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: We know you will be happy with your screen and if at any point you are not we will refund your money, SIMPLE. Buy risk free today

Editorial Reviews

Full Frame Magnetic Screen Door Velcro & Fiberglass Heavy Duty Mesh. #1 Amazon Magnetic Screen Door Instantly Retractable Bug & Insect Screen Opens & Closes with Ease! It's the Last Screen You'll Ever Buy!

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