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ESP Low-E® SSR Two Car Garage Door(16'x7') Insulation Kit (White Interior Finish):Includes ESP Low-E® Reflective Foam Core Insulation (120 sq ft), Razor Knife, Squeegee, Double Adhesive Tape. 25 Years Products and Service From the Creators of Low-E

Price: $93.89

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Combining 7/32" Foam(not bubble packaging material) Aluminum Foil (not metalized plastic) The Low-E SSR reflective insulation line of products provide superior performance and appearance for your Garage Door Insulation upgrade. The Low-E SSR Garage Door Kits adds to any of the garage storage, garage organizer, garage cabinets or garage shelving project by increasing comfort both winter and summer to your garage. When adding the Low-E to your overhead door you will be reflecting radiant heat, increasing R-value of door and reducing drafts between panels. Kit includes all items needed to install, all you'll need is a towel and cleaner to prep the overhead door prior to installing. Instructions are included with images to make installation quick and easy. Low-E SSR has passed California standard (IAQ CA01350) for Indoor Air Quality and has no V.O.C's or itchy fibers to worry about. Product is also waterproof and easy to clean if needed. Lightweight kits add less than 5lbs. to door itself so spring adjustments should not be needed to support additional weight. Once installed you can still use your garage door opener and garage door opener remote just like you did before Each kit includes offer for free additional products by simply sharing your install with us on Facebook. Kits are available for Single or Two Car doors with White or Foil finishes. ESP Low-E Insulation has manufactured Reflective Insulation products for over 25 years. Garage Door Insulation is just one place to use the SSR line. Here are other examples where people have used Low-E: Behind home Radiator, Window AC Wrap, Utility Shed insulation, Toy Hauler Insulation, Window Shades for RV's and Cars, Tire Covers for RV, Ice Chest Wrap or Liner, Floor Underlay, Auto Restoration Insulation for Headliner, Doors, Hoods and floor, Mobile Home Skirting, Tent and Sleeping Bag Mat, Above Ground Pool Padding for Walls and Floor, Dog House or Chicken Coop Insulation, Pipe Wrap, Water Heater Wrap etc

Tattoos Sticker, Oksale® Wound Bat Scab Pattern Halloween Scar Decor Temporary

Price: $2.96
  • 5x Wound Scab Blood Halloween Scar Tattoos Temporary Tattoos Sticker Decor
  • Condition: New
  • Material: Paper
  • Size: 15*10.5CM /5.9 * 4.1 Inch
  • Net Weight: 4.5g/1pcs

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ondition: New
Size: 15*10.5CM
Material: Paper
Color: As picture
Net Weight: 4.5g/1pcs


5x Wound Scab Blood Halloween Scar Tattoos Temporary Tattoos Sticker Decor

Spook Who Sat By the Door [VHS]

Price: $19.95

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A black man plays Uncle Tom in order to gain access to CIA training, then uses that knowledge to plot a new American Revolution. Music by Herbie Hancock. Based on best selling novel about a CIA expatriate. "An incendiary tale of revolution, SPOOK should have lit up the country--had it not been pulled from theaters almost immediately after release. The film is as chilling now in an era where people jump at their shadows for fear of terrorists, as it must have been when it came out originally when cities still smoldered after the riots of the late `60s." VIEWER COMMENT: "THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR remains one of the most striking and important films of the 1970s. Based on the novel by Sam Greenlee, SPOOK is the subversive tale of Dan Freeman (Lawrence Cook) who's hired into the CIA as a "token Negro" and political tool for a Senator to appeal to black voters. Freeman does his best to keep his head low and nose clean as he soaks up as much of the CIA's tactics as possible before taking his leave. He heads back to Chicago, adept now at pushing paperwork and, more importantly, making explosives, handling guns, and a wide range of other "covert ops." Freeman maintains his air of respectability via his Social Service job. However, his life outside of work includes organizing and leading an underground guerilla army, recruiting from the gangs with which he works. "You really want to mess with Whitey? I can show you how." Known on the street as Turk, Freeman's group could give Al-Qaeda a run for their money. Freeman knows the "rules" and "the game" and he plays it expertly. For example, when Freeman needs funds for his domestic terrorism operation, he asks the lightest skinned members to rob a bank, knowing that such a well organized group would be mistaken for white, leading authorities on a wild goose chase. "This took brains and guts, which we don't have, right?"

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Yahoo answers: Where to purchase a screen door replacement or where to get custom-sized made?

  • Decorating & Remodeling

    Check with your local window/door store..they can order what you want and have it match.

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