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(Black) Pack of 12 Vinyl Shutter Fastener Spike Loks for Installing Decorative Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Price: $7.89
  • Can Be Used To Install Any Vinyl Shutter On Any Type Of Siding Material Such As Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl, Stucco, Brick, Masonry or Hardboard
  • Install Vinyl Shutters Quick & Easy. Use Our Fasteners which are build to hold your shutters even during the most severe windstorms.
  • Made From A High Quality Vinyl With UV Protection To Prevent Fading
  • Never Worry About Color Chipping or Cracking. Color Is Molded Through Out The Vinyl Material
  • Sold In Bags of 12 So you Can Use Up To 6 Fasteners Per Shutter or 12 Per Pair of Shutters

Editorial Reviews

Our shutter fasteners are built to hold your shutters on your house even during the most severe windstorms. Install Vinyl Shutters Quick & Easy. Can Be Used To Install Any Vinyl Shutter On Any Type Of Siding Material Such As Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl, Stucco, Brick, Masonry or Hardboard. Made From A High Quality Vinyl With UV Protection To Prevent Fading. Never Worry About Color Chipping or Cracking. Color Is Molded Through Out The Vinyl Material. Sold In Bags of 12 So you Can Use Up To 6 Fasteners Per Shutter or 12 Per Pair of Shutters

Metal ROOFING SCREWS: (250) Screws x 1-1/2" ZINC Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Roof Screw. Self starting/self tapping metal to wood, sheet metal roofing siding screws ~ EPDM washer. Metal Roof screw with colored head ~For corrugated roofing

Price: $16.95
  • Corrugated roofing and corrugated siding screws
  • Hex washer head, self starting roof screw with EPDM washer seal
  • ZINC coated roof screw head
  • # 10 Sheet Metal ROOFING SCREWS
  • Metal-to-wood roof screws

Editorial Reviews

ZINC x 1 1/2" Long Sheet Metal Roofing Screws with hex washer head. These self starting roofing screws help take the headache out of sheet metal roof and siding installation. The color on the roof screw heads is Zinc Gray and is a zinc coating to help weather the storms through the years. The EPDM washer seal will keep the weather out through the years. These metal-to-wood screws are great sheet metal roofing screws to use on any metal roofing or siding project where 1 1/2" roofing screws are needed: Installing roofing on a house, porch, airplane hangar, shed, pole barn, shop, barn, lean-to, and much more!

**Roofing Screw COLOR MATCH : Zinc is Gray and will go well with lots of different gray colored or galvanized or other colors of roofing sheet metal depending on the application and personal preference. Generally buying zinc coated screws is a result of wanting a long lasting but low cost roofing screw!"

Solar Lights,SuBleer 16 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights ,Solar Powered Wireless Waterproof Exterior Security Wall Light for Patio,Deck,Yard,Garden,Path,Home,Driveway,Stairs

Price: $20.00
  • Waterproof & Durable - Solid stainless steel construction for withstanding years of rain, snow, ice and wind Includes a powerful 1000mAh 3.8V Li-ion rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of illumination on a full charge.
  • Powerful 16 LED Design offers super bright lighting for a wide area and strong illumination. Much brighter than other similar solar lights in the market. If you buy 2 or more, please use the coupon code: EO33IW7N .
  • Smart and sensitive detector - The sensitive motion sensor detects motion from up to 25 feet away. We recommend the appropriate installing height should be 5.6feet-6.6feet.
  • Fast & Easy Installation - Solar powered, easy to install, add the needed light source for your house without the added expense and trouble of installing electrical wire, just attaches it with 2 expansion pillar-hinge and 2 screws to any surface (bricks, stucco, siding, wood, metal, glass etc.). You can install it in any place that has direct sunshine.
  • EFFICIENT SOLAR PANEL - less than 8hrs gathering and storing sunlight to power up the battery of LED lights whole night, great for garden, backyard, decks, patio and door entrances.

Editorial Reviews

The working hours for this product could be shortened during winter or rainy season because solar products are very weather sensitive.
Must Activation: Activating the light by inserting the pin and clicking.
Please install the unit face south and make sure the solar panel can get the sunlight directly without any shelter or glass.For optimum battery performance, please allow the batteries to charge for 2 or 3 sunny days before turning the lights on for the first time.

The SuBleer Outdoor Solar Powered Motion Sensor LED Wall Mount Light is designed to illuminate your dining areas and decks, foreyard,backyard,garden,porch,patio,pond,swimming pool,driveway,path, or any outdoor places that needs a light at night, all while adding extra security to your home and taking advantage of solar energy. NO ELECTRIC NEED,ECONOMICAL,PROTECTION ENVIRONMENTAL.

Made of durable Aluminum, this solar light mounts easily to posts and walls and provides a white light, emitting 200-lumen LED. The LED bulb will never need to be replaced and will remain cool to the touch at all times, providing safe lighting that will not burn or heat-up. solar lights gather energy from the sun during the day, and then automatically come on at dusk, it will also provide maximum brightness illumination when motion detected.

•Power Source: Solar-Powered
•Light Bulb Type: LED
•Number of Light Bulbs: 16 Super bright LED
•Brightness: 200 Lumen
•2 MODES: CDS + motion-motivated; CDS steady on
•Motion Sensor: up to 3 meter and 120 degree detection range vertically and horizontally automatically at night
•Frame Material: Aluminum + ABS
•Protective Qualities: Weather Resistant, Freezeproof, All-Weather Design

Package includes:
1 * SuBleer LED solar motion sensor light
1 * Expansion Pillar-hinge
1 * Screws1 * User Manual
1 * Key pin

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