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Magnetic Screen Door Fit Door 60"(w) X 80"(h),Full Frame Velcro,Hands Free Bug Mesh curtain,Automatically Tight Closure Black

Price: $67.00
  • MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR SIZE 60"x 80",for french doors,patio doors and sliding glass doors,please measure first.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION:Installs in minutes without any tools,Attaches securely in minutes to most door frames using Velcro.
  • FULL FRAME VELCRO:26 Powerful Magnets-Sewn into the seam, ensuring a quick, automatic close tightly every time
  • EASY FOR TODDLERS & PETS TO WALK THROUGH:No more doors left open, Slamming doors, Letting pets out freely,Letting fresh air in
  • PREMIUM INSTANT BUG MESH ,100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Editorial Reviews

" Magnetic Screen Door , Keeps Bugs & Mosquitoes Out Lets Cool Breeze Tired of opening your door on a sunny day and being attacked by insects and bugs swarming in or does your pet end up whining and scratching the door to be let in when for some reason you can not get the door instantly? But now the Appiness Screen is made with a fine mesh can Tolet air in but keep those pesky bugs out and lets pets freely go in and out and play whenever they please without troubling you, While letting all the beautiful refreshing fresh air into your home.This clever door screen uses the magnets along its opening that will snap shut automatically after you, your pets or family walk through. Snapping shut behind you the Snap Screen will not give those flies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps and or bees a chance to slip in. The Snap Screen is perfect for those sunny days when you and your pets and kids will be running in and out constantly. Fitting over single doors, sliding doors and caravan doors easily without the use of tools, screws or nails and when winter comes around it's easy to remove too! Click the Add To Cart button now and let the fresh breeze in! Especially,let your home be more softly fragrant and quiet"

Magnetic Screen Door, Screen Mesh 32 X 80 Fit Doors Size Up to 30”W X 79”H Max with Full Frame Velcro Magnet French Door Curtain Keep Fly Mosquito Out

Price: $17.99
  • LINED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS FOR SCREEN DOORS--14 Strong Magnets and 12 Magnetic strips sewn in the reinforced edges, ensuring a quick, automatic close every time. Magnetic screen door mesh curtain never Breaks & No Gaps
  • INSTALLS IN MINUTES! UPGRADE NEWEST STYLE HANGING SCREEN DOOR MAGNETS--With reinforced sticky Velcro strips and quality rust-proof tacks, It can be easily installed and is heavy duty and sturdy. Cleanse door frame surface before installing velcro to ensure secure long lasting fit
  • TOUGHEST MAGNETIC SCREEN MESH 32- magnet screen 32 x 80 inch fits doors up to MAX 30 x 79 inch. 60g magic mesh instead of 45g, features precision sewing and high density door mesh technology, making it extremely durable for high-traffic doorways
  • BLACK MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR MESH CURTAIN FEATURING HEAVY DUTY NYLON VELCRO--Full Frame Velcro. The NYLON VELCRO included is more durable than most competitor screens. The ENTIRE FRAME is lined with Super-Duty, reinforced velcro along every inch, and the velcro can be reused tens of thousands of times
  • BLACK MAGNETIC SCREEN CURTAIN FEATURING HEAVY DUTY NYLON VELCRO--Full Frame Velcro. The NYLON VELCRO included is more durable than most competitor screens. The ENTIRE FRAME is lined with Super-Duty, reinforced velcro along every inch, and the velcro can be reused tens of thousands of times

Editorial Reviews

UPGRADE MAGZO FLY MESH SCREEN 32 x 80 Inch is coming!
- 60g screen instead of 45g, precision sewing technology, high density and smooth.
- MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR WITH 70% NYLON VELCRO--Reinforced velcro along every inch, the times of velcro can can be reached tens of thousands of times.

- Children and pets can move freely in and out, no need to open the door for them.
- The bugs stay outside of the house. The strong, sewed in magnets in the middle close the magic screen firmly and without any gaps.

- MAGIC MESH DIMENSIONS are 32" x 80" Fits Doors UP TO MAX 30"x79" .
- MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR CURTAIN SEWN in the reinforced edges, ensuring a quick, automatic close every time. They never slip, misalign, or fall off.
- STACKED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS--7 pairs of magnetic blocks(1.38 inch/piece) and 6 pairs of magnetic strips(7.48 inch/piece), 1.77 inch for magnetic screen middle part.

- It is not only function correctly, but also to look nice and stylish.
- A complete seal top to bottom, through the use of 26 high-energy magnets that will never fail.
- Instant Bug Magic Mesh has a full length Velcro strip sewn into the mesh across the top and down each side.

Magic Mesh Installation
- No tools required
- Strong Velcro
- Optional push pins provided

Premium 72"x80" Magnetic Screen Door for French Door, Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh | Bug & Mosquito Proof, Kids & Pets Friendly | Fit Doors up to 70" x 79"

Price: $75.99
  • ✓ GET THIS MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR RISK FREE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this magnetized screen mesh door is backed by our %100 Satisfaction Guarantee. Makes a thoughtful housewarming gift to a dear friend. Enjoy higher transparency, better airflow and brighten up your house.
  • ✓ FITS PERFECTLY ON ALL DOOR OPENINGS: measuring up to 70 x79 Inch. So, all you need to do is to make sure that the size of your door is right and get your cool Mag-Connexion screen curtain. Ideal for all french doors, garden, garage, patio, balcony, and entrances.
  • ✓ HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION IN SECS: Forget about poor magnets, confusing manuals and the drilling mess with this smart magnetic screen door. The full frame Velcro and thumb tacks secure the screen curtain into place in just a few secs. Give it a try and see for yourself. Less time installing, more time enjoying life with your beloved ones.
  • ✓ KEEP NASTY BUGS & MOSQUITOES OUT: Prevent nasty bugs and blood sucking mosquitoes from invading into your house with our retractable magnetic screen door. Ideal not only for summer months, but for all year round. The 26 strong magnets sewn make entering and exiting a breeze even for your kids and pets. Go hands free from now on.
  • ✓ QUALITY & ERGONOMICS FINALLY MEET: Made of the highest quality fiberglass mesh, this screen door is 10 times stronger than most polyester/nylon screen doors currently in the market. Being flame, weather and stain resistant, you may rest assured that our magnet screen door is ready to withstand everyday wear and tear for the many years to come.

Editorial Reviews

Are you ending up letting lots of bugs in your home when you open the door to let fresh air in?

Is your dog or cat whining and scratching the door to be let in and out?

Do your kids always forget to close to door behind them?

Are you having hard time to open the door when your hands are full?

We Know What Has Been Missing From Your Door!

An Advanced Fiberglass Mag-Connexion Screen Door Of Course!

Toss away all those cheaply made net doors and invest in this ultra-resilient fiberglass mesh door today.

No more ...

... torn apart nets with holes.

... wasting time to kick the bugs out

... mosquitoes ruining your sleep.

... Whining & Scratching to be Let In or Out either!

Do not compromise with anything else than perfection when picking your anti mosquito mesh doors!

Keep Bugs Out... Let Fresh Air In! How To Do So? With A Mag- Connexion Magnetic Door Screen Protector!

Designed to facilitate your life to the fullest, this screen mesh door has premium Velcro hand sewn around the entire frame. Worry no more about screens falling down or seams coming loose.

The 26 attached magnets make sure that the door mesh opens effortlessly yet closes perfectly behind you.

Perfect for parties and barbecues, as it provides hands-free entry and exit for you, your family, friends, guests, children, and pets.

Still Not Sure?

4 + 1 Reasons Why This Magnetic Screen Door Is A Keeper:

· Durable and thick fiberglass mesh. For heavy duty use.

· Powerful magnets. Keep the screen door in place!

· Hands free entry. Easy for all! Your kids, pets and the elderly.

· It lets air and sunshine in with Transparent mesh net.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get it risk free.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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