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Cat Flap Lifepul(TM) 4 Ways Locking Cat Door (Large Size 9.8" X 9.0"), Pet Door Kit for Cats and Small Dogs with Telescopic Frame, Installing Easily

List price: $29.99
Price: $17.99
  • ✔ EASY INSTALL - Whole cat flap sets include nails and mats to make you easily install in windows,doors,cupboards,cats only needs one night to success to use it!!
  • ✔ EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Two parts with the Cat Flap,outside for telescopic frame,ideal for hollow doors,doors brush strip eliminates noise from the door closing,get the cat freedom access to her litter box.
  • ✔ SWITCHES MODEL - With cat flap having four models to lock with switches,swing out only, in only, both in and out, and fully locked,easy to control your pets in and out.
  • ✔ DUARABLE MATERIALS: All whole cat flap made from durable ABS plastic,weather-resistant in while prefer for comfort and ease of use.
  • ✔ STAYS HIDDEN - Fashion design to make your doors in integrated mass,with cat flap no longer had to close and open your door all the time waiting for your pets.

Editorial Reviews

Amazing Cat Flap Description:
Easy-to-control your cats in and out!!!


  1. You must keep glass door close before you use the switchs to change model.
  2. Please measure the width of your animal before ordering.
  3. Please measure the weigh of your animal before ordering,in order to avoid not fits for it.


  • Made of durable ABS plastic,weather-resistant,the cat flap can be resistant your pets scratch,cleans nicely and be long time used.
  • With four models to lock with switches,swing out only, in only, both in and out, and fully locked,easily adjustable to control your pets in and out,you do not worried about your pets out for your home without any notice.
  • It stays hidden looks like part of your door in while color,Transparent cat flap lets your pet see what's on the other side of the door,accelerate the learning process
  • With the cat flap your cat will love the freedom a cat door provides, and you will love your litter and odor free home.

Whole Size(L x W x H):--9.8 X 9 X 2.1 inch
Only Door Size(W x H)-- 6.7 X 7.4 inch

♠Package Includes:
1 X cat flap Pet door (Screws included);
1 X Instructions;

IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit, 3111001

List price: $18.12
Price: $8.50
  • Carbon hole saws quickly create handle and lock openings for interior and exterior doors
  • Adjustable for both 2-3/8" and 2-3/4" backsets
  • Self-centering jig fits all common door widths
  • Includes router bit and hinge and bolt plate templates
  • Complete installation in 4 easy steps

Editorial Reviews

The IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit uses durable carbon hole saws to cut openings in interior and exterior wooden doors for installing lock and handle sets in four easy steps. With a self-centering jig adjustable for 2-3/4" and 2-3/8" backsets that fits all common door widths, it makes precisely installing a door handles and locksets in any blank door fast and simple. Includes 2 carbon hole saws, 3/8" mandrel, custom router bit, bolt plate template, and hinge plate template.

Cat Door Flap 4 Ways Locking, Pet Door Kit for Cats and Small Dogs pet safe, weatherproof, easy installing, exterior Easily (Small size(7.4 x 0.78 x 7.7 inch), White)

List price: $24.00
Price: $14.99
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: All products are made from ABS polymer(best plastic), weatherproof
  • FASHION UTILITY: The door for dog or cat is designed very fashionable, suitable for your door at home. In addition, it is convenient because you don't need to open and close the door to wait for your pet
  • MULTIPLE MODES: 4 Way locking( swing out only, in only, both in and out, or lock it to keep your pet inside or outside)
  • EASY INSTALLATION : Water Resistant and tightly sealed to prevent energy loss, BRUSH STRIPS eliminate noise from the door closing
  • NOISE REDUCTION: The product is designed as one-way glass, which have a thin layer of fur to reduce noise from the outside, as well as when your pet walk in or out the door

Editorial Reviews

The Size(7.4x0.78x7.7 inch) is Suitable for very thin doors or glass windows
The product is designed fashionable, suitable for your interior home design
The product is made of ABS polymer (Best plastic)weather-resistant, easy to clean and long lasting
The product has four lock modes including out only, in only, both in and out or completely locked
This makes it convenient for you to take control of your pets, not to worry when you go out, or when you are busy at home .
With the design of the door is Plastic Telescopic Frame, you can easily see everything outside. Beside, we gift you some ebook for training your pet is easier with pet door
In order to reduce the sound when your pet go in and out, the product is designed with alayer of fur covering the border of the frame
Finally, we guaranteed 100% quality product and refund 100% if you received broken goods
Note:Please measure the width of your animal before ordering
Please measure the weigh of your animal before ordering,in order to avoid not fits for it

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