how to install a prehung interior door

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  • WEIGHTED BOTTOM: Weights are Inserted Into The Bottom Edges To Quicken Closing Speed To Keep Those Critters Out!
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Highest Quality Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors Up to 34"x82"

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- Do you have annoying bugs flying around your house?
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- Designed to be a seamless and virtually impenetrable barrier to flying insects.
- Strong magnets are sewn directly into the fabric to ensure that the screen closes and stays closed.
- Weights are sewn into the bottom edges to help quicken closing time and keep the screen in place.
- The full frame Velcro has a very strong adhesive and will not come down easily upon use.
- This screen door is built tough with heavy duty mesh and reinforced edges.
- Tacks are also provided if screen door is set up in a very high traffic area, but are not usually required.
- Great for kids and pets as they can come and go freely without the hassle of opening and closing doors.

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Yahoo answers: Install which first -Wood floors or prehung doors?

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Your contractor would like to be in there first. It will make his job easier. Undercutting jambs makes the job a lot harder. But it does make it a bit harder for you if between the door jambs is...

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  • Winter indoor DIY projects

    For narrow rooms, door width can be reduced. If most of the closet will be used for hanging clothes, the interior should be a minimum of 26 inches. There are a number of door options, but I suggest hinged double doors because they're easy to install

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    Winter indoor DIY projects

    the interior should be a minimum of 26 inches. There are a number of door options, but I suggest hinged double doors because they’re easy to install, and most important, they’re much sturdier than bifold doors. Make your life easy and order prehung ...

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