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Sable Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Velcro Fits Door Sizes Up To 38 x 82 in (Black)

Price: $12.99
  • Safe and Fast Installation: Comes with everything needed for a quick installation and includes weather-resistant hooks and loops
  • 26 Locking Magnetic Joints: Sewn into the edges of the frame, the magnets automatically lock the door protector together once you pass through without leaving gaps or spaces
  • Fits Different Sized Doorways: Large 39.9 x 82.7 in / 0.99 x 2.10 m high-density mesh construction seamlessly fits the following sized doorways: 36 x 80 in / 0.91 x 2.03 m; 36 x 82 in / 0.91 x 2.08 m; 38 x 80 in / 0.97 x 2.03 m; and 38 x 82 in / 0.97 x 2.08 m
  • Keeps Bugs Out, Lets Fresh Air In: Keeps out insects like mosquitos and flies while still allowing a free flow of air; pet friendly design allows dogs and cats to go in or outside without hassle
  • Durable, Heavy Duty Mesh: Larger thread count than cheaper alternatives with reinforced edges for long-term use

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Lifetime Guarantee.

Silent and Better Sealing
Unlike noisy, plastic snapping alternatives, this screen door is designed with quietness in mind. Using 26 magnetic seals to keep the screen curtain closed, walking through is no longer accompanied by a clatter of noise - ideal if kids and pets regularly pass in and out.

Weighted Bottom Prevents Flapping
To prevent the wind blowing the door frame open and allowing mosquitoes and flies to sneak inside, four poles placed inside the mesh covering help to prevent unnecessary movement and keep the frame straight. In addition, the weighted bottom of the frame stops flapping, which ensures the cover never lets anything you do not want inside your home.

Improved Design for Fly-Free Living
Many screen doors only use tacks which can sometimes be ineffective. On the other hand, the Sable Magnetic Door Protector uses tacks as well as sewn Velcro to keep the screen in place. Not only is it easy to install but it provides additional tightness so nothing gets inside.

Magnetic screen door size: 39.9 x 82.7 in / 0.99 x 2.10 m

Fits the following sized doorways:
- 36 x 80 in / 0.91 x 2.03 m;
- 36 x 82 in / 0.91 x 2.08 m;
- 38 x 80 in / 0.97 x 2.03 m;
- 38 x 82 in / 0.97 x 2.08 m

1. Measure your door and doorframe before buying. Buying a cover that is smaller than your doorframe will not prevent insects from entering your home.
2. Please do not purchase if you have a metal door. Magnets will stick to your door and the screen will not close.
3. Please make sure the center of the top of the mesh is slightly higher than both sides. Do not let the curtain pool on the floor as it may prevent closing.

Fiberglass Screen Door, Advanced Magnets Fiberglass Heavy Duty Mesh Fit Your Door Size 70W X 79H Inch with Full Frame Velcro (72 X 80 Inch, Gray)

Price: $29.99
  • LINED WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS FOR SCREEN DOORS-14 Strong Magnets and 12 Magnetic strips sewn in the reinforced edges, ensuring a quick, automatic close every time. Magnetic screen door mesh curtain never Breaks & No Gaps
  • MAGIC MESH MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR 72 x 80 INCH-The premium quality mesh door could keep bugs and mosquitoes out, improve the airflow, let the sunshine in, free your hands to entry, resistant flame and so on
  • UPGRADED VERSION-Installs in minutes. Service life of up to 5 years, durable and easy to clean, Allows good airflow
  • FULL FRAME FITING WITH HEAT-RESISTANT VELCRO-Heavy duty mesh curtain fits door size up to 70x79 inch. The full frame lined with the heat-resistant Velcro which reinforced along every inch to ensure this screen will never come off
  • FIBERGLASS MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR-High quality glass fiber PVC, adopt flat weaving technology, and after high temperature forming, chemical corrosion resistance, good shape, non slipping wire, beautiful and durable; Polyester fiber + flame retardant

Editorial Reviews

This Fiberglass mesh is the main material for making invisible DOOR screen. Good light transmittance, is one of the most commonly used high-end door screen series. On the market called [Fireproof mesh], because it is the material of glass fiber flame retardant material, and with a colloidal coating. 

1. Automatic open and close, and free your hands.
2. Super sturdy and durable fiberglass mesh, no breaks.
3. Super strong attraction magnets construction, no gaps.
4. Strong reinforced Velcro with the full frame, no falling.
5. Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Installation instructions:
Step 1. Clean the door frame and waiting for few minutes until the cleaned are dry completely.
Step 2. Place the mesh flat on the floor with the sewn velcro facing up.
Step 3. Attach the supplied velcro strips to the top and each side without removing the white backing tape.
Step 4. Peel off the backing tape from top velcro strip.
Step 5. Stick the mesh to the top of the door frame, make sure the mesh in the proper position, and the center of the mesh slighty higher than two sides. Peel off the white backing tape from two sides slowly and stick velcro to the frame from top to bottom. Make sure the mesh not pulled too tight across the middle for the magnets line up and closes easily.
Step 6. Check the mesh if opens and closes correctly, make adjustment if necessary.
Optionally: You can use push pins for extra support. Please peel the outer velcro to nail the pins on the inner velcro to fix it up. (This step is only for wooden door frame, but it will leave small holes in your door frame)

Package Include:
1. A fiberglass screen door
2. A roll of Velcro
3. A pack of push pins

MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR - Many Sizes and Colors to Fit Your Door Exactly - US Military Approved - Reinforced With Full Frame Hook and Loop Fasteners to Ensure All Bugs Are Kept Out - Tough and Durable

Price: $29.45
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our screens are backed by a no questions asked 30 day return policy AND a lifetime replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. Try it for 30 days on us and if it isn't everything you expected return it for a full refund. If the screen door EVER fails simply contact us and we'll REPLACE IT FOR FREE! Our friendly support team are only an email or phone call away.
  • HIGHER QUALITY: 60g fiberglass material instead of the standard 30g polyester, making it A LOT more durable and ideal for high-traffic and dog doors. 26 magnets that are 65% more effective (1,400gs instead of the standard 900gs), ensuring that your bug-off net closes faster, seals tighter, and withstands stronger breezes. Reinforced edges to prevent fraying and ensuring no bugs sneak through the sides.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: You don't need to be Mike Holmes to install these instant mosquito curtains. It's super easy to install in less than 10 minutes. No tools required. After you install it once you'll get the hang of it and you'll have it up in minutes with no help from friends or neighbors. Best used on exterior back doors, front doors, on your RV, as a patio mesh doorway, French doors, inside or outside, or as a pet screendoor.
  • BLACK/FOR DOORS up to 34 inch x 79 inches. See picture #2 for correct measuring instructions. The hook and loop fasteners (making them detachable and portable) are sewn around the entire perimeter of the insect curtain to prevent pesky mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other flying insects from sneaking in the through the magnetic screen sides. Open your door to let some fresh air in, flowing freely throughout your house, helping cool it down during the hot summer months.
  • US MILITARY APPROVED: Designed to keep even the nastiest, annoying bugs and insects out, these magnetic mesh screen nets are being used within military base camps all over Iraq and Afghanistan. 26 HIGH-ENERGY magnets are sewn into the seam (so they'll never break or fall off), are hidden from view, to ensure a quick, automatic close EVERY TIME. NO GAPS down the ENTIRE vertical closure means no bugs in your house, residence, shed, or trailers.

Editorial Reviews

CHOOSING THE CORRECT SIZE MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR IS CRITICAL for it to not only function correctly, but also to look nice and stylish.

Please review image #2 (above) for instructions on how to measure and choose the correct size bug screen.


Thanks to your feedback, the SENTRY Magnetic Mesh Screen Doors are now available in 5 stylish colors, and over 11 sizes...
and we're constantly adding new sizes.

We are the ONLY manufacturer to offer such a wide variety of magic mesh hands free, adjustable bugoff screen doors.

Why do we offer such a wide variety of patio door screen replacements?

Because the closer the bug screen size is to your door size, the better it will function.
Don't settle for one generic size. One size does NOT fit all!

What makes Inspired Home Living different from any other door screen with magnets?

* LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We ONLY use premium quality materials.
- 60g screen instead of 30g, making it A LOT more durable for high-traffic doors.
- 26 high-energy magnets sewn (not glued) right into the screen, so they don't slip, misalign, or fall off.
- Reinforced edges & heavy duty Hook and Loop Fasteners so that the screen can withstand heavy use without fraying or falling down.
If it EVER fails, just let us know and we'll send you a brand new one for FREE!
* CUSTOMER SUPPORT - If you EVER have ANY questions about your fly screen door, simply call our 800 number and speak with our friendly support staff.
* PET SCREEN DOOR - No more cats and dogs whining and scratching to be let in or out of your house. You don't even have to get up any more.
* NO GAPS - A complete seal top to bottom, through the use of 26 high-energy magnets that will never fail.

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