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Johnson Hardware Universal Pocket Door Jamb Kit 15103068 (for Painting)

Price: $42.49
  • UNIVERSAL FRAME - Universal pocket door frame jamb kit.
  • ALL-IN-ONE - Package contains 5 boards, 2 split header boards, 2 split jamb boards, 1 strike jamb board.
  • MADE IN USA - Made in the United States.
  • ADJUSTABLE - Can be cut down for smaller boards.
  • PAINTABLE - Finger-jointed, primed for painting.

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A fast, convenient method of finishing Pocket Door Frames. Just cut to length and install -- no ripping f special thickness stock. Primed and ready for painting. For 49/16'' walls. Fits 1 3/8'' doors up to 3'0'' x 6'8''. Package comes with 5 boards. Two split header boards, two split jamb boards, and a strike jamb board. Casing not included, because of the wide variety available.

The 1510/1511 Jamb Kits are made of finger joint (primed for paint) pine (1510) or stain grade pine (1511). The kits are for 4-9/16" (116mm) jambs and 1-3/8" (35mm) door sizes up to 3'0" (914mm) X 6'8" (2,032mm), and are universal, so they should fit most pocket door frames. In addition to making a perfect companion to the Johnson 1500 Pocket Door Frame, the 1510/1511 Jamb Kit will enable builders or do-it yourselfers to install the jambs according to our recommended instructions.

1. INSTALL Pocket Door Frame following instructions as normal, including drywalling around opening. Carefully measure height "A" (from floor to bottom of frame header). Cut 11/16" (17.5mm) X 4-9/16" (2,032mm) Strike Jamb to this length.

2. OPEN door fully (door will protrude into opening) and cut split jambs to "B" Fasten to front edge of frame. Maintain minimum 3/16 (4.7mm) clearance on both sides of door. Raise or lower hangers to plumb door with split jambs.

3. SHIM and plumb strike jamb (wide piece) with door.

4. CAREFULLY cut split headers to "C" determine side of hangers with lock arm and fasten this header with screws for easy removal. Nail other side. Here, too, maintain 3/16" (4.7mm) on each side of door.

5. FASTEN bottom door guides so that door stays in center of pocket, yet travels easily without binding.

6. FINISH with your choice of casings (not included).

Frost King TAOC36A Adjustable Aluminum and Oak Sill Threshold, Mill Finish

List price: $24.99
Price: $23.49
  • Simple screw adjustment raises or lowers oak segment
  • Low profile and extra wide
  • Heavy gauge aluminum exterior with elegant oak interior
  • Provides maximum weathersealing potential

Editorial Reviews

Frost King door threholds come in both reidential and commercial grades and also in a variety of finishes. Aluminium and oak available

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    First, let's define a few terms. A king stud, is a full length stud, usually 92 1/4", that forms the outer part of the frame for a door or window. A jack stud, which I call a trimmer, is a...

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