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Powernail Large Tapping Block

Price: $17.85
  • Designed to keep the installer's fingers out of the way while applying maximum force to the work piece
  • Made of heavy-duty UHMW Plastic
  • Aids in the installation of Laminate, Engineered, LVP and even Hardwood flooring

Editorial Reviews

This tapping block is made of heavy-duty UHMW Plastic and is intended to aid in the installation of engineered flooring, lvp, hardwood and many other types of plank flooring.

Powernail PowerCleat 16ga 2" L-Cleat. Box of 5,000

Price: $63.99
  • Approximate coverage is 1000 sq. ft. per 5,000 cleats (relative to plank spacing)
  • Powercleats nails ensure trouble-free operation and optimum construction results
  • 16ga, 2" L-Cleat, 5000 per package
  • The unique tip design aids in driving the cleat into flooring and underlayment
  • Made in the USA

Editorial Reviews

Powercleats 16 gage 2" nails are made with barbs along both edges of the cleat for superior holding power. For use on 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 33/32" hardwood flooring. Also available in 1-3/4" and 1-1/2" lengths. 5,000 cleats/pkg.

Powernail PowerJack 500

Price: $237.98
  • Snugging up end strips near a wall is easy. The front swivel toe-hook will adjust to most any thickness of flooring.
  • When under the toe kick of a cabinet, the Powerjack Model 500 tightens up boards and holds them in place for hands-free nailing.
  • When not near a wall, the Model 500 can be used mid-floor by screwing the base directly to the sub floor and pushing the flooring strips into place.
  • The POWERJACK Model 500 combines the best features of the Model 100 and 200 into one versatile tool.

Editorial Reviews

PowerJacks are designed to pull or push tongue & groove flooring strips into place and hold them tightly for hands-free nailing. Powerjacks will work on almost any thickness flooring without damaging the flooring surface. They can be used next to the wall, at stud locations or anywhere else on the floor. USING A POWERJACK... • Speeds up installation & saves time • Eliminates using pry bars or crowbars • Provides needed leverage in tight spots • Helps build a better floor • Makes your job easier • Works great for under-cabinet installations

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