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  • Doorknobs

    GIL SCHAFER is a New York architect who specializes in historical renovations and “new houses that look like old houses,” he said. He is also a self-described “hardware nut” who invests a lot of time trying to find just the right hardware to complete

  • Hardware Starry Night: David Goldberg Use Doorknobs To Revive Van Gogh's ...

    Goldberg chose van Gogh's iconic painting, "Starry Night," as an alternate choice to a recycling bin, and we couldn't be happier. Using 1,250 doorknobs, lever, plates, and other odd materials, Goldberg beautifully recreated van Gogh's tribute to the

  • Door levers; manual thermostats

    QUESTION: I recently visited a house where some of the doors had levers instead of knobs to open them. The owner didn't know much about them, except that he liked them, and so do I. Can you give me some information on door levers? -- L. Todd

  • 3100 birdhouses and no 2 alike

    License plates, doorknobs, oil can tops, corkscrews horseshoes, door-knockers, fishhooks, ladles, rulers, table legs, hinges and belt buckles — and that's just a partial list. Diane Rivers opened the doors at Cross My Heart five years ago in the

  • Police continue random business checks

    Officers check doorknobs, windows, locks, and anything else that, if tampered with, might be an indication of forced entry. ---------------------------------------------------------------------. You must be an online subscriber to view this story. The

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    Home remodeling tips for baby boomers entering their golden years

    door and lever handle (not door knob) for easy entry.  Task lighting - Add more lighting for close-up tasks such as cooking, reading, hobbies (knitting, fly-tying) and working from home. Remodel the bathroom - Create an accessible ground-level bathroom ...

    Tiling floors with pennies instead of tile

    I don't know why. However, the environmental protection agency (the "EPA") has approved copper as a building material for indoor fixtures such as door knobs, faucets, handrails, etc. It is a very popular traditional material for kitchens ...

    Outwater Introduces its Battery Operated LED Wafer Puck Lighting System

    Designed to release the system’s refrigerator type on/off plunger switch by merely opening the cabinet door, drawer or closet to which it ... Cabinet & Store Fixture Components; Knobs & Pulls; Casters; Fasteners; Laminates; The FOGA Exhibit & Display ...

    Rocky Truce

    In an attempt to resolve this somewhat peculiar dispute, earlier this week I arranged a covert late-afternoon rendezvous with both Rob and Rosemary at Rocky Knob. I arrive ... I hear someone's door slam. Then a curtain is angrily pulled.

    School janitor suffers injuries from Vaseline prank 

    "Vaseline had been placed there by the sixth graders as a joke. In addition, condoms were placed on the door knobs. "Unbeknownst to Mrs. Gillie there had also been Vaseline on the steps. She slipped on the Vaseline, falling down suffering loss ...

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