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Stanley Hardware 571030 Hinge Pin Door Stop

Price: $4.94
  • Bright Brass Finish
  • Die-Cast Zinc Construction
  • Hinge Pin Doorstop

Editorial Reviews

  • SKU: 57-1030-ST
  • MPN: 57-1030
  • Product Type: Doorstop
  • Accessory Type: Hinge Pin
  • Size: Standard
  • Pilot Hole: Standard
  • Material: Die-Cast Zinc
  • Applications: Prevents Damage to Doors
  • Color/Finish: Bright Brass
  • QTY per Pack: 1
  • UPC: 033923922692

Gobrico Metal Door Hinge Types Satin Nickle 3.5in by 3.5in with 5/8" Radius Corners 30 Pack

Price: $102.88
  • Satin Nickel Door Hinges
  • 5 Knuckles,Mounting Screws Included
  • 30 Interior Door Hinges
  • Dispatched from USA, delivered in 5 days
  • 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches Thickness:2.15mm

Editorial Reviews

Gobrico is the best shopping choice in hardware market. It provides variety of designs,making on-trend, quality hardware affordable.Purchase at Low Price For Higher Quality!
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Bommer 7800 Series Cast Steel Horizontal Type Medium Duty Spring Pivot with Floor Plate, Steel Side Plate, 1.37"-1.75" Door Thickness, Bright Black Japanned Finish

Price: $74.89
  • Double Acting
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Hold Open at Approximately 75 to 90 Degrees
  • Anti-Friction Bearing
  • Non-Handed

Editorial Reviews

Bommer 7811 Spring pivots are horizontal type with floor plate and hold open in both directions. The Bommer 7811 Spring Pivots are a medium duty model for use with doors up to 90 lbs.

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