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LANGRIA 12 Cubby Shelving Modular Cube DIY Shoe Rack, Storage Drawer Unit Multi Use Modular Organizer Plastic Cabinet with Doors, Black and White Curly Pattern

Price: $99.99
  • LONG LASTING ECO-MATERIALS: frames of the cube panels are made of steel to enable the cubes to hold up to 10 lbs.; resistant plastic connectors securely join the panels and avoid wobbles and panels are eco-friendly and chemical-free
  • MODERN CLOSET: made up of frosted, translucent white doors with curly design and black panels with same curly design, this shelving unit adds a modern, simple design that can easily match any style no matter where you place it
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: it's waterproofed and dust-resistant; panels are easy to clean with a damp cloth; doors feature a hole handle for air circulation preventing buildup odor
  • CREATIVE DESIGN cubes can be used separately, or they can be stacked and combined for a greater storage capacity; let your imagination flows and create your unique closet
  • HASSLE-FREE ASSEMBLE: multi-angle connectors are easily attachable on the cubes, making the shelving very easy and quick to put together

Editorial Reviews

Create your Custom Made Closet
this 12-multiposition cubes organizing closet is perfect for a modern home. You could either build the cubes together to form an entire closet, or separate them into a couple of matching shelving units. This is a perfect idea for rooms with a smaller surface, combine the panels depending on your needs and put together your free standing closet!

Eco-Friendly for a Toxic-Free Environment
We take very seriously the environment, this is why we always create new pieces of furniture respecting Mother Nature. The panels of this unit are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde to ensure that you and your beloved ones live in a healthy and non-toxic environment.

Keep your Space Tidy up!
Add style and storage to any room with this new LANGRIA Shelving System. Ideal for any living room, bedroom, or small space like a crowded small dorm room. This shelving provides ample space to store toys, blankets, clothing, shoes and other small items to keep them tidy and organize. Say goodbye to clothes and toys scattered all over the room!

Product Specifications
Total Dimensions (3 cube W x 4 cube H): 43.7 x 14.6 x 57.9 inches
Weight: 20.3 lbs.
Dimensions of Each Cube: 13.8 x 13.8 inches
Weight Capacity per Cube: 10 lbs.

Package Includes:
43 x curly black panel
12 x curly translucent white door panel
1 x simple hanging rod
1 x assembly instruction sheet
Plastic connectors (extra pieces are provided in case you lose some)
Magnetic closures (extra pieces are provided in case you lose some)

Please Noted: Each panel might slightly bend when loaded but it's a normal phenomenon.

Mirella's House LARGE SHOE ORGANIZER Door Shoe Rack, Sneaker Rack, Men's Shoe Organizer for Big Shoes to Neaten Up Your Closet and as an Entryway Organizer (Bison Brown)

Price: $39.99
  • ✔️ PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE - Need your footwear always to be in the right place? Invest in your very own closet, baby nursery, bedroom or RV shoe storage hanger and dorm room accessory
  • ✔️ STOP TRIPPING OVER YOUR BIG SHOES - Have them safely housed in one of these organizers for kids, toddlers, girls, boys and your dorm room & not under the bed
  • ✔️ ARE YOUR EXTRA LARGE SHOES IN THE WAY ALL THE TIME? This boot rack will keep them out of sight, find mens boots with the greatest of ease with one of these portable units
  • ✔️ FREE BONUS WITH YOUR PURCHASE: Organizing ideas e-book and a NO QUESTIONS ASKED Money-Back Guarantee!
  • ✔️ NEATEN UP YOUR CLOSET AND ENTRYWAY - This closet shoe organizer & entryway organizer is great for sneaker storage, hanging kitchen solutions, under beds and to keep dorms neat with no effort

Editorial Reviews

Best sneakers rack for extra large shoes (men's size 16+)Clean up your messy shoes for goodGet your large shoes off the closet floor and entryway Don't waste precious time searching for your sneakersA place for everything

- This over-the-door shoe rack uses 4 hooks over standard-sized doors
- Each of the 24 pockets holds wide shoes (such as EEE).
- The large pockets of this space saver bag are made of sturdy mesh that allow the shoes to air out and for you to see the content of them.

When you are done wearing your shoes, put each in its pocket where you will find it next time you need it. Your shoes will stay organized effortlessly. This is especially great if you have to contend with your kids' shoes.

Designed from strict requirements!

- This extra large sneaker holder is built of excellent quality brown 600D polyester canvas
- The dimensions are 23" x 67", so be sure to measure the width of your door
- It comes with four strong metal hooks that fit standard-sized doors. If the hooks you get don't fit your door, let us know by email. We have other sizes and we will send you a set for free
- Great for storing gloves, lingerie, iPhones, accessories, etc.
- Easy to assemble

Amazon Buyers Trust the Mirella's House Brand to Provide Quality Premium Products.

Free 57 page e-book with your order!

No Risk Guarantee: The manufacturer, Silvia's Practical Products, is so confident that its over the door shoe organizer will be exactly what you're looking for, that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please return the product and they will promptly give you a full 100% refund, no questions asked.

We can't guarantee this special pricing for long, so go ahead, get your shoes off the closet door for the last time and consider buying another one for your best friend. Click Add to Cart!

LANGRIA 10-Cube Shoe Storage Shoe Cabinet Plastic Shoe Organizer, DIY Shoe Rack Drawer Unit Multi Use Modular Organizer Storage with Doors, Black and White Curly Pattern

Price: $69.99
  • MULTI PURPOSE CABINET: each of the cubbies can store 2 pairs of shoes with a total capacity of 20 pairs of shoes; the modular closet can be used to store not only shoes but clothes, accessories, bedding and lining, CDs and DVDs, toys, cables.
  • FUNCTIONAL STORAGE SPACE: 10 rectangular cubbies to store all your shoes in a reduced space; the cubbies can be build up together or separately, offering customizable solutions to fit in different spaces
  • EASY TO PUT TOGETHER: multi-angled plastic connectors are included to assemble your modular cabinet; it is recommended to use a pair of gloves to protect the hands from getting scratched or harmed while attaching the panels with the connectors
  • RESISTANT PANELS: made of PP plastic with steel frames, these panels are eco-friendly, toxic-free and durable, holding up to 13 lbs. /cube; the frosted translucent design cheers up the style of the cabinet with a black and white curly pattern;
  • CONNECTORS & MAINTENANCE: the connectors are made of sturdy ABS to securely join the panels; the unit is waterproofed and dust-resistant; panels are easy to clean with a damp cloth; doors feature hole handles for easy opening as well as air flow

Editorial Reviews

Resistant storage option
The best feature of DIY modular closets is their adaptability. LANGRIA's multi-purpose shoe rack cube organizer can be put together in different shapes, adapting to your needs. The panels are made of a steel frame and Polypropylene (PP) to hold up to 13 lbs. (5.9kg) per cube. They have a modern design with black and translucent white panels and doors with a curly floral pattern.

Shape it as you like it
The sturdy and versatile design of these cubes makes the whole unit a great storage. Initially thought as a shoe rack, the unit is multi-functional and can perfectly store clothes, bedding, toys, bags, etc. Build the cubes together or use them separately to create a cube tower, nightstands, etc. and if you want a change the style, you can take the panels apart and start to build them again.

Easy to assemble, even easier to take care of
The package includes the panels and the plastic connectors to put together the unit. We recommend using a pair of gloves while assembling the unit in order to prevent you from getting scratched. The modular shoe rack is waterproof and dust-resistant. Clean it with a damp cloth to keep it shiny as new.

Product specification
Total dimensions (2 cube W x 5 cube H): 37.4 x 14.6 x 36.6 in
Net weight: 17.6 lbs.
Dimensions cubby: 19.3 x 14.6 x 8.3 in
Weight capacity per cubby: 13 lbs. (on 17.7" x 13.8" panel)

Package Includes
12 x (17.7" x 13.8") black panel
10 x (17.7" x 6.7") black panel
15 x (13.8" x 6.7") black panel
10 x (17.7" x 6.7") translucent white door panel
36 x black connectors
1 x assembly instruction sheet

Please Note: Kindly keep an eye on children when near the unit

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