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Universal Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit for Up to 18' Door by North Shore Residential Door

Price: $76.66
  • Insulation - Makes garage more energy efficient by creating a barrier to keep cold air out
  • Vinyl Seal for Low Temperatures - Vinyl seal stays flexible up to minus 30-degrees
  • Easy Install Kit - Easy-to-install kit comes with plastic track, vinyl barrier and hardware
  • Physical Barrier - Fills gaps to stop debris such as leaves as well as animals from getting inside
  • Weather Barrier - Keeps water from rain and snow as well as other elements from seeping under garage door

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4 - 2X2 Aluminum retainers 55" long + 18' 4" wide vinyl weather seal + fasteners.

Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit Fits up to 9' Garage Door

Price: $28.23
  • Seals Out Weather - Blocks water from rain, snow and other sources from getting in garage
  • Flexible Vinyl - Conforms to uneven floors to create a seal to block all elements
  • Insulator Against Weather - Helps insulate to keep warm air in and cold air out during winter and make garage more energy efficient
  • Easy Install Kit - Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit fits garage doors up to 9-feet, or cut to size
  • House Barrier - Creates a seal to block debris such as leaves as well as insects and rodents from entering through gaps

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The Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit for garage doors up to 9-feet is an easy-to-install kit from North Shore Commercial Door. The kit includes a plastic track that is made to withstand cracking and hold its shape. It also has a vinyl barrier that is UV-stabilized, and flexible so that it conforms to the shape of the garage threshold. It also includes hardware to install the barrier. The kit is suitable for doors 9-inches wide, and can be cut to fit. The kit creates a barrier to insulate against weather and seal out elements, debris, rodents and insects.

Garage Door Parts - 4 Inch Top Roller Carrier / Low Head Room

Price: $11.29

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Low Headroom Top Roller Carrier 12 Gauge

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Yahoo answers: Does anyone know how to decorate a room separated by two load bearing beams?

  • Decorating & Remodeling

    Interesting. I'd have to see a pic of it to get a idea of which way to go. It's hard to tell the way U described it.

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