bifold cabinet doors

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Complete Deluxe Bi-fold Door Lock, 2 Pack

Price: $10.95
  • Installs at the top of the door
  • Made exclusively for Bi-fold doors
  • Made from Clear Polycarbonate to fit any decor

Editorial Reviews

This Lock covers the hinged area of bi-fold doors to prevent them from opening. Special insert lets you adjust for all popular door sizes. Includes easy-grip wand for shorter adults. Made from unbreakable polycarbonate for superior strength and fit. Includes easy grip wand for convenient operation. Attractive, clear design.

Mommy's Helper Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Lock

Price: $3.99
  • Easy installation, no tools needed
  • Helps prevent p"ed fingers
  • Almost invisible clear material
  • Keep children out of closest with bi fold doors
  • Easy to reach slide rod

Editorial Reviews

Slide Lok helps to protect children from p"ed fingers by bi fold closet doors. Simply grasp the Slide Rod and move Slide Lok into place over the hinged area to prevent doors from opening. Slide Lok's clear plastic design blends well with any decor and minimizes scratching or marring of door surfaces.

Prime-Line N 7283 Bi-Fold Door Repair Kit, For 7/8 in. Wide Track, Used with 3/8 in. Outside Diameter Pivots & Guides

List price: $7.29
Price: $6.97
  • For use with 3/8 in. outside diameter pivots and guides in a 7/8 in. wide bi-fold door track
  • This kit is constructed of plastic fittings, a wooden knob, steel brackets, fasteners and a steel spring
  • Used to repair one set of hinged bi-folding wood doors
  • Includes one unfinished wooden knob that can be stained or painted to match existing finishes

Editorial Reviews

This bi-fold door repair kit includes replacement parts to repair one 2-panel set of hinged bi-folding doors. The plastic bases of the pivots and guide measure 3/8 inches in outside diameter, and the guide features a 7/8 in. outside diameter plastic wheel. A steel bottom pivot bracket and door aligner are also included, together with a wooden knob that can be finished in stain or paint. The snugger has a white plastic body with a steel spring, and the fasteners for all components are included with each package. Hinges are not included with this kit. These components are used by many bi-folding closet door manufacturers. *Tip: In a typical bi-folding closet opening, a pair of bi-folding doors is hung on the left side of the opening and a second pair of bi-folding doors is hung on the right side of the opening (a total of 4 narrow doors hung in left and right pairs). The contents of this kit provides for the repair of only one of those pairs, or for 2 of the 4 doors that are hung in a single opening.

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