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Rainlax Magnetic Screen Door Full Frame Velcro and Newest Fiberglass Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain Fits Door Up to 34 x 82 Inch

Price: $49.99
  • FULL FRAME FITING WITH HEAT-RESISTANT VELCRO: Rainlax heavy duty mesh curtain fits door up to 34x82 inch. The full frame lined with the heat-resistant Velcro which reinforced along every inch to ensure this screen will never come off
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Rainlax magnetic screen door that you purchase will be automatically enrolled in our lifetime replacement guarantee program. If anything at all goes wrong with your mesh curtain, we will send you a replacement absolutely free, no return required
  • SUPER STURDY AND DURABLE WITH FIBERGLASS MESH: Rainlax heavy duty mesh screen is made of fiberglass mesh material. It up to 10 times stronger than the traditional nylon material which are easy to break. The fiberglass mesh is structural precision, mesh uniform, with anti-corrosion characteristics of good, durable and no breaks
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: The premium quality mesh door could keep the bug out, improve the airflow, let the sunshine in, free your hands to entry, resistant flame and so on
  • STRONGER ATTRACTION WITH 26 MAGNETS: Rainlax magnetic screen door was sewn with 26 magnets in reinforced edges which has super strong attraction to attach each other, and make it open easily and close automatically with no gaps. It's also convenient for the baby and pet come in and out

Editorial Reviews

Rainlax Magnetic Screen Door is a must have for any household in the summer, choose Rainlax magnetic screen door and it will take you out of many troubles. Rainlax fiberglass mesh curtain could keep the bug out, improve the airflow of your house, great for baby and pet and so on. Using Rainlax magnetic screen door make you more convenient and help you live a relaxing life.

1. Super sturdy an durable fiberglass mesh, no breaks.
2. Super strong attraction magnets construction, no gaps.
3. Strong reinforced Velcro with the full frame, no falling.
4. Automatic open and close, and free your hands.
5. Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Package Include:
1. A fiberglass screen door
2. A roll of Velcro
3. A pack of push pins

Installation instructions:
Step 1. Clean the door frame and waiting for few minutes until the cleaned ares dry completely.
Step 2. Place the mesh flat on the floor with the sewn velcro facing up.
Step 3. Attach the supplied velcro strips to the top and each side without removing the white backing tape.
Step 4. Peel off the backing tape from top velcro strip.
Step 5. Stick the mesh to the top of the door frame, make sure the mesh in the proper position, and the center of the mesh slighty higher than two sides. Peel off the white backing tape from two sides slowly and stick velcro to the frame from top to bottom. Make sure the mesh not pulled too tight across the middle for the magnets line up and closes easily.
Step 6. Check the mesh if opens and closes correctly, make adjustment if necessary.
Optionally: You can use push pins for extra support. Please peel the outer velcro to nail the pins on the inner velcro to fix it up. (This step is only for wooden door frame, but it will leave small holes in your door frame)

Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Velcro Fits Door Size up to 36"-82" Max- Black

Price: $13.99
  • MULTI FUNCTION. Keeps bugs out, lets fresh air in. PET FRIENDLY - Dogs and cats can go inside and outside of the house with ease. Screen net helps keep insects, mosquitos, and flies OUT!
  • FITS ALL DOOR SIZES UP TO 36"-82" - If your door frame measures 36" or less in width and 82" or less in height, then this adjustable hanging screen door will be the perfect fit! Can be used as a replacement for a fixed screen door and fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio, balcony, glass, French, and even sliding doors. IMPORTANT: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our screen will fit.
  • Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door Quality Assurance - All hardware included - Full Frame Velcro Design And All metal black thumbtacks and weather resistant hook and loop backing makes for quick and easy installation and removal
  • OPENS AND CLOSES LIKE MAGIC! The middle seam of the screen door is strategically lined with powerful magnetic cubes and magnetic strips that allow the door to open easily and close seamlessly! Includes 26 magnets for the best closure. The folding screen door is also retractable and frameless and can be rolled up for temporary storage during the off months and is easily removable.
  • DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY MESH - Upgraded mesh curtain with a higher thread count than other cheap screens and full reinforced edges survive the test of time. Comes with premium metal black thumbtacks and hook and loop adhesive strips for extra security. Hardware is black and invisible when installed.

Editorial Reviews

Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door keeps bugs off, let fresh air in and easy for toddlers & pets to walk through freely, it makes your life more comfortable and easier! Silent and Better Sealing The design is based on no noise, door screens with magnets and magnetic seals, they can close door more quickly, quieter and closer. It is much better than plastic snaps, because magnet screen doors can avoid noise when you through the screen door. Never blown up by Wind Also, there are four sets built-in gravity stick in screen doors for homes, so the mesh curtain have enough heavy to make screen door hang straightly, and it can close the door more quickly after walking through; do not need to worry about wind will be blew your screen door. Make Your Life Easier The magnetic screen doors sewn Velcro on screen doors, they are different from old styles that use tacks to fasten the screen door. It is more convenient and easier to remove in winter when you do not use it. Specification Magnetic screen door size: 36"*83" Fits door size: 36" x 80", 36" x 82"..... If your door frame measures 36" or less in width and 83" or less in height, then this adjustable hanging screen door will be the perfect fit! Note 1.Measure your door and door frame first, choose the size according to outer diameter. Don't buy the one which is smaller than your door frame. 2.Please do not buy this if you have a metal door, the magnetic will stick to your door and won't close. 3.Please make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides. It is better to hang screen to the floor. Don't let too much screen put on the floor, it will impact the effect of closing. 4.Please read instructions before installation, it will help you install magnetic screen doors correctly.

Advanced Durable Fiberglass Mesh Magnetic Screen Door with Full Frame Velcro,Heavy Duty Reinforced Instant Retractable Bug Screen Curtain Fits Doors Up to 36"x98"

Price: $58.00
  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION -- Easily installed in just a few minutes,it doesn't require any special tools or expertise for installation.Additional push pins are provided for an installation strong enough to handle high household traffic. wooden door frame.
  • FILL WITH 26 POWERFUL MAGNETS--Ensures quick open and automatic close,silent and seamless in closing,it will never breaks & never have gaps unlike cheaper polyester screens,reinforced velcro along every inch ensuring this screen will never fail.
  • MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR SIZE 39"x 99"-- fits door openings up to 36" x 98" Max. Please measure first.Please measure first.Best used on back doors, front doors,as a patio mesh door,or a pet screen door.Our top priority is your satisfaction,we know you will be happy with your screen and if at any point you are not we will refund your money.
  • HUMAN AND PETS ENTRY FRIENDLY--Keep bugs/insects/mosquitos/flies out and lets fresh air in,toddlers and pets can go inside and outside of house with ease,You do not have to open and close the door a hundred times for them. It doesn't hurt kids or pets in any way!
  • UPGRADED FIBERGLASS MATERIAL--Extremely strong and durable high-density fiberglass,its up to 10 times stronger than traditional polyester screens,highly abrasion resistance and has much longer life over other screen doors,reinforced edges and heavy duty fiberglass material helps prevent gaps and breakage. The meshes are small enough to keep even the smallest insects out and only let fresh air in.

Editorial Reviews

Bye Bye ! Bugs !If you have a vegetable garden and lots of trees an plants and chickens,have lots of regular sized flies,fruit flies,bees...GET the IKSTAR 2017 FIBERGLASS mesh screen door NOW !Made of high-quality durable fiberglass mesh,last longer than polyester and better mosquito preventing effect,without having to worry about the screen curtain will be torn with by pets,getting ripped off the wall by tripping on it and the magnets breaking in half,our IKSTAR FIBERGLASS screen door doesn't tear easily,it's thick and holes are fine so it doesn't let smaller bugs get through,the design is base on no noise,mesh door screen with magnets and magnetic seals which means they can close more quickly and quieter,the kid and pets can run in and out without slamming.Installation is easy--it took roughly 5-10 minutes,much better than trying to remind kid to constantly close a conventional screen door.Tips--1.Buy correct size,measure your door and door frame first,choose the size according to outer diameter,don't buy the one which is smaller than your door frame,because it is not available for smaller one,it is better to hang screen approximatelly 0.2 inches above the ground. 2.Please do not buy this if you have a metal door,the magnetic will stick to your door and won't close. 3.Please read instruction before installation,it will help you install magnetic screen doors correctly.

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