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Slide-Co 163210 Pocket Door Side Adjusting Guide, Nylon,(Pack of 2)

List price: $6.24
Price: $5.33
  • Aligns pocket doors
  • Pocket Door Side Adjusting Guide
  • Fits any door thickness
  • Jamb Mounted
  • 2 Piece Nylon Bottom Guide
  • Bottom guide
  • Includes 2 Guides and 2 Installation Screws
  • Adjustable design

Editorial Reviews

These white plastic constructed guides help align your pocket doors. The adjustable position allows these guides to fit any thickness door you may have. They come complete with hardware for a quick and easy installation.

Prime-Line Products N 7164, Closet Door Pivot Adjustment Wrench, Fits Johnson Bi-Fold Systems, 7/16 in. & 3/8 in

List price: $7.50
Price: $4.00
  • Fits Johnson bi-fold systems
  • Wrench measure 2-15/16 in long and has a 3/8 in. open end and a 5/16 in. closed end
  • This pivot adjustment wrench fits on Johnson Bi-Fold closet door systems and is used for adjusting bi-folding pivot hardware
  • Yellow zinc plated finish
  • Stamped steel construction

Editorial Reviews

This wrench is constructed of stamped steel and comes in a yellow zinc plated finish. It is used to adjust the pivoting hardware of bi-folding closet doors and it fits Johnson bi-fold systems. This combo wrench features a 3/8 in. open-end wrench on one end and a 5/16 in. boxed-end wrench on the other. Use this combo wrench when adjustments are necessary on closet door pivoting hardware and some hard-to-reach pocket door hardware with 3/8 in. or 5/16 in. fastener head sizes. Each package contains one (1) bi-fold closet door pivot adjustment wrench.

Prime-Line Products N 6541 Top Mount Self-Adjusting Bi-Fold 4-Door Snugger,(Pack of 2)

Price: $4.07
  • Nylon retainer, steel spring
  • Holds your doors in the closed position
  • Self-adjusting top mount design
  • Fits Acme Series 2400 And 2900 bi-fold doors
  • Fits 1 in. bi-fold track

Editorial Reviews

This bi-fold four door snugger is constructed from nylon. It features self adjusting top mount design with a steel spring. This snugger is used to hold your doors in the closed position and fits on Acme Series 2400 and 2900 bi-fold doors.

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Yahoo answers: Can a pocket door be removed or adjusted?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    yes, you can adjust them but it may take a while, you have to remove the door trim, there should be two adjustable screws on the top at least the one i fixed did, good luck

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